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How to properly the toilet?
Time:2018-10-12 11:30:23

1, there are many bacteria in toilet bowl, so we should focus on cleaning.

The toilet seat should be the key cleaning object. Surveys have shown that there are dysentery bacilli on the toilet, and if something spills on the toilet seat, there are 3,000 viruses, and they can live up to 17 days, especially in winter, many families like to use cloth washers, and cloth washers are more susceptible to contamination and disease.

2, Clean the dirt in the toilet.

Clean up in the toilet. The toilet is most easily stained with daily excrement, sometimes even flushing, or leave a trace, at this time it is best to clean the toilet in time, do not wait until the formation of macula to clean, cleaning the toilet must be lifted, the first point is very clear why, the use of detergent It can also make toilets cleaner.

3, as far as toilet seats are concerned, no waste paper basket should be set up.

Do not put wastebasket beside the toilet. It is believed that putting waste paper beside the toilet is a very common way. It is basically the same for every household. However, not every household can empty the waste paper every day. It is usually stored for one or two days before it is emptied. During these two days, a lot of bacteria will be produced, and it is not recommended to throw the toilet away directly. Although the paper will not be blocked directly, it will also have a top risk. Every day can take care of, or choose the lid of the waste paper barrels, of course, we must deal with it in a timely manner.

4, the toilet brush should be kept clean and dry.

The toilet should be clean and dry at any time. Do not brush the toilet or wet time will let the bathroom full of bacteria, and wash the toilet brush to often clean, and hang up, it is best not to put in an airtight place, bacteria is very strong.

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